The first step was to create the video and tell the story behind one of the biggest companies in the country and world-wide. We decided to shoot in the office with real employees as the trends presented that the public trusted employees far more than anyone else in a certain structure. Also we thought things might go more authentic, real and probably even wild this way. Our team wanted to know with what are we working so we requested a brief information of 2-3 people from every department that Aon found interesting – nothing workwise, just a bunch of random facts. After reading all the info provided we were inspired and we knew that the best way to present Aon Bulgaria is to tell the story behind the results – to combine these facts about these people’s lives with their work achievements. So we called all the random info “superpowers” and showed how everyone is an overachiever because they are a superhero behind the desk and in real life! This way we managed to show both the progressive thinking of the company and their astonishing success.

Aon is the leading global provider of risk management, insurance and reinsurance brokerage, and human resources solutions and outsourcing services. For the 10th anniversary of their Bulgarian office we were given the challenge to organize an event, present the company in a video and possibly innovate the way in which Aon Bulgaria provide statistical information.

When we tell you we got inspired we mean it. The ideas about how to innovate the way of presenting boring statistical information started raining. We wanted to keep the corporate feel but make it more engaging in the same time understandable so we decided to make a short animation with infographics presenting the tendencies in 2015. Aon liked the idea and the video turned out to really break the ice and position them in a more innovative, progressive thinking way.

The event itself was a totally different story. We literally gone into a “call center mode” in order to invite the 300 special guests. In the same time we were organizing the event, writing the program, finding hosts and getting everything else ready in order for everyone to feel special and in the same time present the company in the best way possible. After the guests, including the international management of the company, saw the videos we’ve made during the event there was an outstanding response. The client was more than happy, we have both carried out an event of great importance and updated the overall image of the company, presenting them as more innovative, progressive thinking and overachieving – values we know are a major part of their story.







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