MyMall is one of the biggest online retailers in the region. They came to us wishing to organize the marketing campaign around their first real-life event.

And if it wasn’t hard enough that they have gotten one of the biggest halls in the capital for the occasion, we had less than a month to come up with a concept, implement it and show real measurable results.

As we have shown quite a few times we are not afraid of a challenge.. To be really honest we are even inspired by such projects. So we decided that in order to correlate with a modern online platform such as MyMall we would present Christmas and the all-time favorite Santa Claus in a new humoristic way that was quite out of the box. Thus we came up with the story of Santa Claus rolling out as a hipster, the elves going out on pub crawling and MyMall was helping to save the holiday.

We based our whole online and offline advertising on this story. The success was rapidly growing and it started looking like it was an easy job to fill that hall with people. Our web campaign alone managed to reach 28% of the target market. The average cost of interaction per post was 0.01 BGN as well as the average cost of a video view.

We also made a Facebook campaign where Santa was answering questions of people all day long on MyMall’s wall. There were all types of crazy questions due to the out-of-the-box campaign we were carrying out. People were literally asking things from “what’s Santa’s favorite cocktail” to “why he didn’t give them Pamela Anderson as a present as they were sending the same letter for more than 4 years now”. This particular activity helped people got an overall idea of what they should expect when going to the sale - to be as fun as possible. We even managed to reach an average price per reply of 0,40 EUR.  

Alongside we made 2 promotional videos, newsletters, leaflets and a billboard design for the offline campaign, radio commercial. We were also responsible for coordinating the teams that were handing out the promotional materials before the event.

The final result was more than stunning for our client. For less than a month we managed to overcrowd one of the biggest halls in the capital for a live Christmas sale of an online retailer. Among our achievements was the strong positioning of the brand online and offline as well as the thousands of clients that have joined us on th e event.







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