Symbols of tomorrow


Empowering the Symbols of Tomorrow

In SMG we believe that branding is just the first step. The first step from a long journey ahead each company that wants to stand up from the crowd. Ahead each company that seeks the long term connection with its customers.

We embrace you, visionaries! We know that you seek partners that understand your quest for perfection. We do, because we are alike. Every day we are working hard to help companies transform their brands into THE SYMBOLS OF TOMORROW.

What are the

Nowadays the "brand" lost its weight placed in an environment full of copycats, substitutes and communication noise. Each company can create relatively quickly а "brand” attracting the attention of the day, and then just as easily become a FAD and fade away.

Customers endorse new products just because they have nice design and packaging giving them the brand status even if no one knows anything about the story behind them.
For us the SYMBOLS OF TOMORROW are brands that manage to evolve into important parts of peoples' lives while giving customers an added value and making them feel as a part of something bigger and important. Only those companies and products can survive the changes of the market and trends of the technology era. And only the SYMBOLS OF TOMORROW in cooperation with their ambassadors create their unique pattern of whirls and lines forming the spiral of long term success.

How to get there?


Having a brand is not enough anymore

You think that you have a strong brand? Anyone can say the same and a vast majority is ready to believe it. That is the problem – how to know which brand is better and why. If you are part of that question maybe you don’t have the symbolic brand that you think you have.

The customers perception is all that matters

If you think that your brand is what you say about it just forget about building a connection with your customers. It is their voice and sentiment that actually matter. Their subjective opinion is your brand image for the world. Now are you sure that you know your brand well?

You have to be not only on the shelf in the store but in the everyday life of your customers

The difference between brands and SYMBOLS OF TOMORROW is how they get into people's homes – through the shelf or through the heart?

But not only this. The most important question is how they manage to stay there? Brands can do it with discounts, with promotions, with aggressive approach for a sale today while The SYMBOLS OF TOMORROW are those who manage to add value to customers’ lives and make it worth living.

It is all about sharing a story in the right way

Everyone is ready to tell customers a story about their product. The SYMBOLS OF TOMORROW are those who can say it in customers' language, with the words they love and through channels where they are going to like it. And we are sure that your ambassadors will share that experience with others making the story a legend.

Today is the beginning of your SYMBOL OF TOMORROW

If you are on your path of building your SYMBOL OF TOMORROW you should know that this is possible only with the knowledge, intensity and power of TODAY.







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